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2016-5-5 | 责任编辑:朗顿翻译 | 浏览数:1350 | 内容来源:朗顿翻译


质量 - 空前激烈的竞争导致了对零件或产品质量更高的要求。高速切削如果使用正确,可以在这个领域提供一些解决方案。替代手动精加工就是一个例子,这对具有复杂3D槽形的模具尤为重要。Quality - the demand on higher component or product quality is a result of the hard competition. HSM offers, if applied correctly, solutions in this area. Substitution of manual finishing is one example. Especially important on dies or molds or components with a complex 3D geometry. 

工艺 -通过采用高速切削,在更少的配置和简化的流程(物流)基础上,能很大程度解决对更短加工时间的要求。模具制造业的一个典型目标就是通过一次装配即完成所有淬硬小零件的切削。使用高速切削,也可以减少和免除费时费钱的EDM(放电加工)加工。 
Processes - the demands on shorter through- put times via fewer set-ups and simplified flows (logistics) can be solved to a big extent via HSM. A typical target within the die and mold industry is to make a complete machining of fully hardened small sized tools in one set-up. Costly and time consuming EDM-processes can also be reduced or eliminated via HSM.

设计与发展 - 立于激烈竞争的不败之术就是不断地推陈出新。现在小汽车的平均生命周期是4年,计算机和配件是1年半,而手机仅为3个月……高速切削技术就是顺应这种快速改变式样和快速开发产品的先决条件。
Design & development - one of the main tools in today's competition is to sell products on the value of novelty. The average product life cycle on cars is today 4 years, computers and accessories 1,5 years, hand phones 3 months... One of the prerequisites of this development of fast design changes and rapid product development time is the HSM technique.



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