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2018-2-1 | 责任编辑:admin | 浏览数:332 | 内容来源:本站编辑发布

The US is stepping up pressure on African states to cut longstanding military and diplomatic ties with North Korea as part of its push to squeeze the funding of Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missile programme.

美国正在加大对非洲国家的压力,要求它们切断与朝鲜的长期军事和外交联系。这是美国挤压金正恩(Kim Jong Un)核导计划筹资努力的一部分。
US officials want African countries to expel North Korean workers and diplomats, alleging that Pyongyang’s 13 embassies on the continent double up as “profit making centres”.
Washington says Pyongyang, which is seeking to develop nuclear missiles that can hit American cities, is using its military co-operation and arms deals with African states to obtain precious foreign currency. It also accuses some of the several thousand North Koreans believed to be living in Africa, including diplomats, of trafficking wildlife parts, such as rhino horn, another relatively easy source of foreign currency.
US officials estimate that Pyongyang makes at least $100m through the supply of arms, military training, construction contracts and smuggling.
Peter Pham, head of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center in Washington, said that, although it might seem like “chump change”, it was “a fairly significant sum to the regime given the overall squeeze on its finances.” It was roughly 3-5 per cent of Pyongyang’s total annual foreign exchange earnings, he said.
华盛顿大西洋理事会(Atlantic Council)非洲中心负责人Peter Pham表示,虽然这些钱看起来“没有多少”,但“鉴于朝鲜金融受到全面制裁,对其而言数目还是相当可观的”。他说,它大约占到朝鲜年度外汇收入总额的3%至5%。

Last Septembera UN panel of experts identified 11 African countries — AngolaBeninBotswanaDemocratic Republic of CongoEritreaMaliMozambiqueNamibiaTanzaniaUgandaand Zimbabwe — as having suspected military ties to Pyongyang.

Some African countriesincluding Sudanwhich the US lists as a sponsor of terrorismhaveresponded to Washingtons demands in an effort to curry favour and extract concessionsLastOctoberafter Khartoum committed itself to downgrading North Korea tiesthe US easedsome sanctionsNamibia also initiated steps to cut military ties.